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John Bartram, photo by University of North Florida @ https://www.unf.edu/floridahistoryonline/Bartram/December_1765/20-21dec1765.htm
John Bartram. Photo credit: University of North Florida.

John Bartram

1699 – 1777

Our chapter honors John Bartram, renown botanist, naturalist and explorer who established America’s first botanic garden devoted to the collection and study of North American plants. He is credited with identifying and introducing into cultivation more than 200 native plants. John Bartram authored Diary of the Journey Through the Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida, which documented his plant collecting in Florida during the 1760s. And he was the first to classify Florida’s vegetation according to the new Linnaean System.

John Bartram House. Photo by Jeanne Farren.

John Bartram resided in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at an estate along the banks of the Schuylkill River. He was known to welcome many prominent patriots to his home including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. His estate and gardens have been preserved and still welcome guests to its 45-acre arboretum. Bartram Gardens is a Fairmount Park property operated by the John Bartram Association and has been designated a National Historic Landmark House and Garden. 

The John Bartram Chapter, NSDAR, was chartered on December 7, 2013, in The Villages, Florida. The Organizing Regent was Carole Ann Peskin. Located in Sumter County, the John Bartram Chapter is one of 110 chapters in Florida and one of over 3,000 chapters around the world.